KEEP IT OFF Dr. Ian Smith’s new book helps dieters lose weight for good – Instead, I believe in eating foods that you like, but in moderation. The diet is what I call a "flex diet," which means that you customize a program that fits your specifications. Lose weight for good.

If you’re looking for ways to shed a few unwanted pounds, pine nuts may offer a helping hand. Cardiologist James Beckerman, author of “The Flex Diet,” points out that pine nuts also contain high.

Ditch 5 pounds without trying – "Sleep at least 7 hours a night to help regulate the hunger hormone, ghrelin," said Dr. James Beckerman, author of The Flex Diet. "Researchers at the University of Chicago found that dieters who spent.

Simply scroll for more. You’ve heard of the WW Flex diet and read up on their zero point foods, but WH are guessing, as you found yourself on this article, that you don’t know an awful lot about its.

Buy a new recipe book: Flexitarians normally focus on homemade vegetarian meals. There are loads of simple and delicious recipes that can make the flex diet super easy to follow. Failing that, the web.

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